Pre-Event FAQs

With a month to go we thought we’d give you a quick update on what happens in the days leading up to the PPP, and perhaps preempt a couple of questions.

All competitors will receive an email a few days before the event.  This will simply give last minute reminders for the running order of the day and hopefully preempt any questions you may have.   It will NOT give race numbers or waves as the registration team can’t assign these until a couple of days before the event, after entry has closed.  You will get this information, along with your bib number and timing chip, on the day.

If you registered for anyone else, maybe a team, gang, or you drew the short straw and ended up being the one to register all your colleagues or mates, can you be sure to pass the email on to them!

Quick couple of pointers in advance

  • Registration will be open at 7am on the day.  Once you have registered at Palmers Field you can do as you please, just make sure you are back on the field for the race briefing which will be at 9am sharp.  You will then be asked to grab your bike and helmet and make your way to the start outside the Guildhall with one of the ‘crocodiles’.  If 400 people go up individually it can be chaotic so please stick with the program and don’t make your own way.
  • Remember to make sure your water bottles are full and bladders empty before heading to the start.
  • Planned start times for the different waves are currently scheduled for 9.30, 9.45, 10.05, and 10.20am, but these may well change if any problems occur so listen for announcements on the day on Palmers Field or check with a marshal at the start line.
  • There are toilets in Abbey Gardens to the left of the Guildhall and the Guildhall cafe will be open if you fancy that last minute coffee or bacon buttie.
  • We often get asked why the PPP start is divided into 3 or 4 waves with 15/20 minute gaps between the waves.
    • The main reason for this is to spread out the competitors to avoid long queues at the kayak stage. Over the years we have considered many different solutions to this problem and adding more kayaks is the most obvious answer. This has happened but we are now running close to the maximum number of kayaks we can get on the narrow stretch of river we use for the event.
    • We also try and group the competitors by speed, so faster people in the first wave, next fastest in the second wave, etc. This helps to spread out the field and keep the time between waves as short as possible.
  • Another common question we get asked by people at the start is can they change which start wave they are in.
    • We strongly discourage this as the wave allocations are based on expected cycle times and we cannot make last minute changes to which wave you are in.
  • The transition is not timed so there is no need to rush off your bike and into the run, or run to kayak.  Your bike, run and kayak times are recorded individually when you cross the start/finish timing mats, so stay clear of the start mats until your ready to go or you may trigger a start time while you grab some water (or something stronger) before setting out on your next leg.
  • Please remember that the event is run by a group of volunteers so may not be quite as refined as the London Tri or an Iron Man event.  We do our best and, of course, appreciate constructive feedback.
  • This is a charity event with every penny of your entry fees going to Macmillan, but we can raise even more if you set up a JustGiving page or equivalent, instructions on another blog post.
  • Many employers support  “matched giving” so why not ask yours if they will match whatever you raise?  No harm in asking.

Finally, stay safe, it’s not a closed road event so you will encounter traffic and will be expected to respect the highway code.  All riders must wear helmets.

See you bright and early on the 16th!


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